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Whether you’re looking to get outdoors, increase your mental wellness, or spend more time with friends, golf can provide the physical, social and mental benefits to significantly improve your quality of life.   

In fact, all of the World Health Organization’s key criteria for health enhancing physical activity can be achieved through golf. It is an activity that incorporates strength, balance, endurance and cognitive challenges, and has also been shown to improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance mental agility and foster social connections. In recent studies, it’s even been found to combat over 40+ chronic diseases. As a result, this centuries-old pastime has emerged as a safe and holistic wellness activity that anyone can enjoy.  

With over 1,700 courses in Canada, golf provides players of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to explore the great outdoors – all while participating in some friendly competition.  And because golf is such a low impact sport and can be easily modified for the differently abled, it’s easy for anyone to get in on the fun and experience the profound impact golf can have on our overall health.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get golfing today for a longer, healthier and happier life.    


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Golf & Health

  • Golfers live longer.

    According to a study in Sweden, golfers mortality rates are 40 per cent lower than people who don’t play the game. The sport increases life expectancy by five years. Aside from adding years to your life, playing the sport can make living more enjoyable.

    46 million people currently live with dementia, by the year 2050 the number is expected to reach over 131 million people. According to the World Alzheimer Report printed in 2015, the disease cost $818 billion USD. That number is expected to reach a trillion dollars by now.

    • Golf is a moderately intense physical activity and is likely to prevent the onset of cognitive decline and, in those with dementia, can reduce the decline of both mental and physical activity.
    • With those with dementia, golf has been shown to provide a suitable environment to:
      • interact socially
      • provide appropriate physical activity-encouraging strength and balance
      • to provide respite for careers
    • For older people, it can provide memories and a focus for social interaction in a community environment

    Other physical benefits come from playing golf. The combination of walking, muscular workouts, and social interaction improve overall health.

    • Physical benefits include: improved cardiovascular risk-factor profiles; improved blood-glucose levels; and increased life expectancy
    • Psychological benefits include: improved self-esteem, improved confidence, and reduced anxiety
    • Golf also provides a great opportunity for developing interpersonal skills, emotional control, and enhancing social connections

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    Golf Saskatchewan is working on a series of articles focusing on different health aspects of golf.