TS&M Woodlawn asking you to “do your part”

Golf courses across Saskatchewan are seeking some assistance from Mother Nature in the form of moisture to spruce up their facility during a busy start.

Down in Estevan at TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club the dry conditions are some of the worst superintendent Bob Currie has seen in his 15 years at the course. The club has produced a promotional video asking golfers to “do your part, take care of your cart” to help the grounds crew keep the course intact.

“We’ve talked about this for some years about the amount of cart traffic that happens,” Currie said. “Now that golf is so popular courses are very busy and we are very low on water. That takes away a lot of the tools away from me to manage some of the traffic that happens. We’re basically just trying to not go backwards in forms of establishing turf.”

Currie said a common mistake made by golfers, likely not by fault is spreading out the usage with carts.

“This probably sounds kind of funny to a lot of people but drive on the best-looking grass you can find,” he explained. “It’s the strongest, it can handle the traffic where the stuff that’s already tired can’t handle a lot more.”

Currie encouraged walkers on the course to have the same mindset, if an area looks troubled due to lack of moisture avoid the location if possible.