“SIM” products headline TaylorMade stock for 2020

TaylorMade’s “shape in motion” products are headlining the golf equipment company’s stock for 2020.

Saskatchewan Sales Manager for TaylorMade, Mike Langin said the new shape in motion (SIM) products are not just drivers but throughout your bag.

“There is always different conflicting things with our engineering and design team of okay, what’s going to be more forgiving? What’s going to be more aerodynamic? There’s always conflicting sides there so for us this year we’re seeing players pick up club head speed and that’s going to translate to more ball speed and more distance as well,” Langin explained.

The SIM models stretch across TaylorMade’s drivers, rescue clubs, fairway woods and irons. The company’s “echo dampening system” is new for TaylorMade’s irons. Langin said professionals are leaning towards the product.

“Shots mishit on the heel or toe you are still going to have that improved feel and sound. When we had our photo shoot with our tour players when we first introduced them to our players, they had to guess what irons they were hitting, they couldn’t tell which the they were hitting, they couldn’t tell the difference on sound whether it was the forged product or a SIM. That’s a pretty powerful story to share with tour players being very precise and finicky with that stuff.”

The company is also making headway in the sale of golf balls. PGA Tour superstar Rickie Fowler got behind TaylorMade in the design of their new balls. Fowler was on hand from day one of the TP5 and TP5x pix balls bringing a swagger to the TaylorMade model.

“To have a player on our staff that isn’t playing our clubs but is coming to us for a golf ball, that shows that we’re not just a metalwoods company which we’ve been known for many years, we’re a full meal deal,” Langin said.

Showcasing the TaylorMade product line is different this year amid COVID-19. Langin said the corporation’s new protocols can be a benefit for them and golfers.

“Demo and fitting days are going to look different this year,” Langin said. “We’re leaning more towards more one-on-one fitting experiences which for myself, I was a master fitter for four years, was do things by appointment only. I think it is beneficial because now we can give the individual the one-on-one time.”

To contact Langin for any golf needs send him an email at Mike.Langin@TaylorMadeGolf.com or visit the TaylorMade website.