Sask Sport and provincial government team up for resource line to coaches

Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Gene Makowsky (Ryan McNally/CKRM)

The provincial government and Sask Sport are coming together to launch a new marketing campaign and respect resource line for coaches in Saskatchewan.

The new campaign focuses primarily on harassment, discrimination, abuse and bullying in sport, and how to prevent these things from happening within the team.

Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Gene Makowsky said respect and sport training is mandatory for coaches across Saskatchewan.

“I know in High School sports — I know for sure here in Regina, I’ve gone through the manual myself — there’s also concussion training for anyone who wants to coach within Regina High Schools for example,” Makowsky said. “This is something that’s been put out to all of the members, and we want to see those folks who are involved with our youth in sports (take part).”

Makowsky said it’s important to have a safe sporting community within the province.

“Sports are so important to our province and to our country, and it’s a wonderful thing and it’s a great experience, but when it becomes not that, when it becomes something else, that is something we want to stop, and we want everyone to have that great experience that so many have had, and this is a small part of that.”

Volunteer Board Chair Kenric Exner said being a coach and all that comes with it can leave important topics like this to fly under the radar.

“The first couple of weeks being a coach, trying to organize all of the players, the parents, the practices, and we just don’t have the time sometimes to understand the little things that lead to big things,” Exner said. “Having these types of resources available to us helps us educate the parents, the grandparents, the players, and make sure everybody is truly aware, and without those resources, you’re kind of lost.”

The respect resource support line is available anonymously for coaches online on the Sask Sport website.


Story originally published on, authored by Ryan McNally