Rule of the Week May 24 – 31

Golf Saskatchewan looks at the new drop rule in their first Rule of the Week of 2019.

For the first Rule of the Week we will focus on something which might feel different for 2019. I can attest to this action as the first time I took relief in 2019, I reverted to the old habit of shoulder height.

Before I made the stroke, the error was corrected.

The process is simple.

Drop (definition)

To hold the ball and let go of it so that it falls through the air, with the intent for the ball to be in play. Each relief Rule identifies a specific relief area where your ball must be dropped and come to rest.

In taking relief, you must let go of the ball from a location at knee height so that the ball:

Remember to get the ball back into play, in this scenario, it is OK to Drop the Ball!