Rule of the Week June 24 – 30

Rule 1-1 My group allows “Gimmies”


Dave’s group allows players to pick up the ball, without holing it, when it is “inside” the leather. What is the rule for allowing “gimmies”? Are they allowed under the rules of golf?


The rules of golf do not permit the use of “gimmies.” Rule 1-1 states the game of golf consists in playing a ball from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the rules. Additionally, in stroke play, if a player fails to hole out and does not correct the error prior to playing a stroke from the next teeing ground, he shall be disqualified – see Rule 3-2. In match play, if the putt has not been conceded, (Rule 2-4) the player shall lose the hole.

In recreational play, this process happens every day. It only takes a couple of seconds to tap it in the hole. Remember, even the professionals have missed a six inch putt.

Tap it in and reward yourself with the satisfactory sound. Don’t be like Dave!