Rule of the Week June 1 – 7

16.3 Embedded Ball

  1. When Relief Is Allowed

(1) Ball Must Be Embedded in General Area. Relief is allowed under Rule 16.3b only when a player’s ball is embedded in the general area.

Exceptions – When Relief Not Allowed for Ball Embedded in General Area: Relief under Rule 16.3b is not allowed:

(2) Determining Whether Ball Is Embedded. A player’s ball is embedded only if:

If the player cannot tell for sure whether the ball is in its own pitch-mark or a pitch-mark made by another ball, the player may treat the ball as embedded if it is reasonable to conclude from the available information that the ball is in its own pitch-mark.

A ball is not embedded if it is below the level of the ground as a result of anything other than the player’s previous stroke, such as when:


For an interesting video of whether or not a ball is embedded, watch and listen to the Referee and Matt Kuchar at the Memorial PGA Tournament.[md5_email]&e1=[sha1_email]&e2=[sha256_email]

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