Reviewing the TaylorMade M6

TaylorMade’s new M6 driver is bringing more forgiveness and distance to golfers of all levels. Played by tour professionals and high handicap players, the M6 a complete golf club designed for ease-of-use and exceptional performance. M6 features ball speed and distance technology to help golfers achieve a stable ball flight that can keep their shots more online and further down the fairways. Improved aerodynamics and an Inertia Generator combine to help golfers get the most out of their swing and Injected Twist Face ensures industry-leading ball speeds and distance. The M6 driver is perfect for golfers looking for a simplified approach off the tee box without foregoing performance.

Key Features

TaylorMade M6 Driver Detailed Review

Design and Technology

TaylorMade engineers reallocated 54% more carbon in the M6 driver club head versus the previous generation M4. A lighter weight skeleton allowed for an Inertia Generator to be added to the club head for improved club head speeds and more forgiveness when golfers don’t find the middle of the club face. The total redistribution of weight makes the M6 both more forgiving and more aerodynamic than any other driver in TaylorMade’s lineup. Going beyond forgiveness, TaylorMade is promising that everybody gets faster thanks to their proprietary process of optimizing every driver using their tuning resin injection.

The M6 driver is one of the most well-accepted drivers in this year’s class. M6 appeals to golfers of all skill levels and swing types. For players that simply want to get a club and have more fun playing golf, the M6 is the perfect option. The larger footprint and sharp silver to black contrast make the M6 easy to align and confidence inspiring on the tee box. Twist Face helps add directional stability for players that need to hit more fairways. M6 is designed for simplified distance and forgiveness and can help make you better this season.

I tested the TaylorMade M6 driver and was immediately surprised by how forgiving this driver seemed to be. The larger size filled me with confidence, and I knew I had enough protection to swing freely without fearing a big miss. During strikes that I would consider very poor, my ball speeds remained stable. My biggest takeaway from hitting the M6 was just how forgiving it was while still producing some of the lower spin, long drives that I have seen from smaller profiles. This season, I believe the M6 driver will be TaylorMade’s best-selling product due to its diverse performance and attractiveness to so many golfers. I would never hesitate to put this club into the hands of golfers of almost every ability. The M6 driver is long at a variety of club head speeds and much more stable than other low spin drivers it competes with.

Anytime you are testing equipment it is important that you match the specification of that club to clubs that perform well in your hands. For this testing session, I outfitted the M6 with my gamer shaft, the Tensei Pro Orange 70TX model and grip of choice. I set the hosel of the 10.5-degree club head down to 9.25 for a more penetrating ball flight and a slightly open club face at address. My most common miss is to the left and using the loft sleeve to manipulate my shot shape is invaluable for my confidence standing over my tee shots. My final thoughts of the M6 were simply how effortless it seemed to be to get the maximum performance from this club. All-together, TaylorMade has succeeded in producing a club that is friendly and can be used by golfs of any category.


The TaylorMade M6 driver is available in three separate club heads with differing degrees of loft. 9, 10.5, and 12-degree head exist to help golfer dial in their launch and spin characteristics. There is also a D-Type M6 driver that comes in lofts of 9 and 10.5-degrees. The D-Type driver is designed to help players eliminate their sliced tee shots by presenting a closed club head at address. Both models feature a loft sleeve that is adjustable up to 4-degrees to either increase or decrease loft.

Stock shaft options for the M6 driver include the Fujikura Atmos Orange shaft in 50-gram weights with amateur, regular, and stiff flexes. The Fujikura Atmos Black shaft is also available in 60-gram weights and regular, stiff, and extra-stiff models. We always recommend that each golfer be custom fit for their new club to ensure they receive a complete build made for their swing. TaylorMade offers an extensive selection of aftermarket and exotic shafts and grips that can be purchased for an additional price.


The M6 driver is TaylorMade’s superior option for average golfers and many weekend players. M6 provides distance advantages for many swing types and more forgiveness than smaller profiles such as the M5. M6 is more consistent on golf shots that are struck in the toe, heel, and bottom sections of the club head and make the ideal choice for players that frequently see their strikes patterns divert away from the sweet spot. Injected Twist Face, Hammerhead 2.0, and the Inertia Generator technologies combine to make M6 one of the most complete and forgiving driver options ever produced and if you are in the market for a new club at the top of your golf bag, the M6 is a must-try.

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