Remarkable rookie year for Reginan golfer

Alex Schmidt is golfing for the Lewis-Clark Warriors. Photo-Becky Paull/

Regina’s Alex Schmidt is being recognized for a strong freshman year of golf at Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC).

Schmidt, 18, admittingly didn’t turn to golf as her number one sport until her grade 12 year at Miller Comprehensive High School. Volleyball and basketball were her first loves, but the wins started to pile up and her path was paved to the National Association of International Athletics (NAIA) school in Lewiston, Idaho. Schmidt said her success on the course changed her focus.

“Last summer was my first start in tournaments and I kind of realized I was winning and I had some potential in golf,” she said.

With the advice of her dad, Schmidt began working with Pat Marcia at her club, the Royal Regina. Despite her self proclaimed late-blooming Schmidt won the Regina High School Athletic Association women’s golf championship four straight years. She said making the jump to college was a big step.

“The competition, just the push to be better. My team and coach have been a huge help for me. They were all close to help me boost my game and get out there more,” Schmidt said.

In four college tournaments this year Schmidt finished with a pair of top ten spots and one top five. She was named the Frontier Athletic Conference Freshman of the Year and a conference second team all-star. She said those acknowledgements are special for her and her family.

“It’s super awesome, just knowing I have my parent’s encouragement and being able to show them my success and where their encouragement has gotten me is a proud moment for me,” Schmidt said.

Her rookie season has concluded but with snow being a rarity in her new home the team will continue to practice throughout the year. Schmidt will continue to focus on her education as well, she is going to become a nurse. Once her schooling is complete Schmidt said she may chase a professional career or give back and coach children. Schmidt is an advocate for girl’s golf and hopes the success of Brooke Henderson and Saskatoon’s Anna Young leads to higher numbers.

“That’s super amazing to me, I was hoping to play in the CP Women’s Open in Regina, but I left for school too early. For girl’s golf that’s amazing, especially in Canada I hope it gets more girls out there. I know the Royal Regina has a great program and I would love it if more girls got out there,” she said.

Schmidt will return to Saskatchewan in the summer and plans to compete in the Golf Saskatchewan women’s amateur championship and other tournaments across the province and Regina.

You can hear more from Schmidt who spoke with Golf Saskatchewan’s Clark Stork.