Pollock named new Royal Regina Golf Club general manager

Ryan Pollock is the new general manager of the RRGC.

The Royal Regina Golf Club (RRGC) has a new general manager. Born-and-raised Reginan Ryan Pollock was announced as the replacement for Brian Dueck this week.

Pollock, 41, has been involved with all sports through out his life in the Queen City and has a Kinesiology degree from the University of Regina with specialization in sports and recreation administration. He started his working career in the Alberta Junior Hockey League where he learned all sides of the sports management platform.

“I ran our sales and marketing, prepped for game days, I did all our social media and website, you wear so many different hats at that level. It was my first opportunity to put those skills to use, learn some different methods and some different ways of going about a lot of things essentially learning to run an organization or a business,” he said to Golf Saskatchewan.

After a five-year stint in Alberta Pollock returned home to Regina taking on a position with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a tenure he would have for nine years in several roles. He said the decision to chase the head job at the Royal was a strenuous choice.

“I was really motivated and excited to apply and investigate it a little bit,” Pollock explained. “I put my name forward and went through the process and through the process I got more enamored by the way things were operating. The process was so smooth and well communicated that it made me feel so comfortable and confident in being able to make the decision. It’s an opportunity for me to put a lot of things I’ve learned to use.”

Pollock was a member at the RRGC for five years, so he understands the mystique of the “home of golf” in the province. He said the correlation between the legendary status of the Riders in Saskatchewan and the century-plus history of the Royal there are similarities between the two iconic institutions.

“There are definitely some natural connections there,” he added. “I’m a big brand person, I believe in everything we do and conduct ourselves as leaders in the club is all about representing that Royal brand. It’s an exciting chance and I’m looking forward to being an integral part of it.”

Pollock will begin the job on June 1.