PGA of Canada holds coaching clinic in Saskatoon

The PGA of Canada held a coaching clinic in Saskatoon this week.

Junior golf instructors spent the last three days developing their skills at The Willows in Saskatoon with the help of Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada.

Derek Ingram is the head coach of the nation’s National Amateur Team and the Canadian Young Pro Squad. He led the clinic from Tuesday to Thursday. Ingram said the seminar went well.

“It went great,” Ingram told Golf Saskatchewan after the clinic wrapped up. “I love coming to Saskatoon. The facility is perfect, we got a nice day to do some of the training outdoors. The participants were super eager and excited and well receptive to the information.”

Ingram performs one of these clinics a year, he said on rare occasions he conducts two courses a year. During the three days the clinic covers planning of lessons, analyzing performances, safety, ethical decisions and management of golf programs. He said coaching golf and young players is crucial due to the one-on-one focus that is involved.

“People have to be prepared, if they want to coach junior golfers, players new to the game or even players that have been playing for years, you want to be prepared, organized and professional. You want to have a positive impact on the student,” Ingram said.

Steve Ryde is a member of the PGA of Saskatchewan and coaches junior golf in Saskatoon and for Golf Saskatchewan. He said taking part in the three-day seminar will enhance his approach to the game.

“Derek’s approach on using the ground to gain power off the tee, really stuck with me. As well as a refined lesson plan for students is something that I will add to my tool kit of being a golf coach. Also, each student, whether you’re five, or 55, learn a different way. This is very important as an instructor or coach, so you can deliver the pertinent information to the student, Ryde said.