Perdue Oasis Golf Course welcomes students for clinic

Perdue’s Oasis Golf Course recently took advantage of the warm Autumn weather and hosted a golf clinic in partnership with Golf Saskatchewan and the Prairie Spirit School Division – Central Valley Athletic Conference (CVAC).

The clinic was divided into groups of novice golfers and more experienced players and conducted by Golf Saskatchewan Sport Development Manager Steve Ryde. The novice group played nine holes after the clinic while the more experienced players played 18 holes. Oasis Golf Club Proshop Manager Andrea Bodnar said the club is always looking for ways to promote the game and working with the school division is a great avenue to do that.

“Several years ago, we were approached by the Central Valley Athletic Conference about hosting a tournament for them,” Bodnar explained. “We are always looking for ways to promote the game of golf, especially among young players. So, we were very excited about the opportunity to work with CVAC. The planning begins early on in the season, and we work with the CVAC coordinator to bring it all together.”

Bodnar added that the kids have always shown plenty of enthusiasm with events such as this. She said the golf course hopes to see some of the kids come back in the future.

“Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of youths from our community taking up the game of golf. They come with their friends, and we see them coming out with their families. We will continue to work with the school in finding ways to encourage both boys and girls to get involved in the game,” Bodnar said.

Golf Saskatchewan partnered with several clubs across the province this season to grow the game and provide basic tips to both youth and adults. With the weather turning and the season ending at the end of October the organization will turn their focus to Golf in Schools. Bodnar recommends clubs or schools to reach out and have clinics or events of their own.

“Absolutely,” she beamed. “The lesson for the novice group was very well organized. Steve was able to arrange the kids into three different stations and rotate them through. It was easy to see the kids were highly engaged and having a lot of fun. With the lesson prior to their round of golf, the kids were able to apply their learning.”

If any school is interested in learning more about Golf Saskatchewan’s clinics or Golf in Schools contact Ryde at 306.975.0834.