Pasquia Golf Course focusing on families and fun

Pasquia Golf Course is looking to get more kids into the sport.

Tucked into the boreal forest of northeast Saskatchewan is Pasquia Regional Park and a golf course that has “everything’ for the family.

Under new management this year the course is looking to get more young golfers on the course. Over 450 kids take part in swimming lessons at the park every year, many camping with their family for a week or more when the lessons are underway. Manager Therza Hansen relocated to the region from Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. where she managed a 27-hole course. She said the learning curve for her has been challenging moving to a smaller course but she’s excited for the future and opportunities.

“The main thing is to focus on those kids and getting them on the course more. They already come out with their parents anyways, but we’d like to create a little junior league or something even if they are only here for a week,” she said.

The swimming pool is part of the regional park’s amenities as well as an interpretive centre. Hansen said working with those facilities as early as next year is something the course wants to do.

“I think our main thing right now is to how to figure out how we’re going to get all these kids golfing too,” she said.

Overall, Hansen said she’s looking forward to the chance to grow the game among youth in the area around Nipawin and Carrot River. Coming from a busy course in the Edmonton area she said the pace at Pasquia took some getting used to in her first year.

“I don’t have as many staff, it’s really nice, it’s way more relaxing. Everyone is laid back, we don’t have the city people complaining the course is backed up. Our players are more laid back,” she said.

The nine-hole course itself features a par-4 and par-5 to begin followed by five holes located in a scenic valley according to their website. Three sets of tee blocks are available on the 37-par course to match any player’s skill level. Power carts, pull carts, and a driving range as well as fully stocked proshop are among the amenities. Hansen said visitors don’t leave the course or park without enjoying everything they have to offer.

“It’s a beautiful course, very beautiful, it has everything to offer a family or avid golfer,” she said.