Outlook’s Riverview Golf Club celebrating 50 years

Located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River Outlook’s Riverview Golf Club has been providing the small community with memories for 50 years and on Saturday the town will celebrate have a century of golf.

Mario Chabot transferred to Outlook from Gull Lake for work in 2009, he settled into the community for a couple years before joining the board a decade ago, now the president Chabot said the club has etched itself into the fabric of Outlook but like many other smalltown courses COVID-19 has revived enthusiasm around the facility.

“We kind of got exposed to new clientele and members because COVID shut down a lot of other sports, so people were coming out,” Chabot said. “We got a long of new members and even when restrictions were lifted people stuck around because they found the golf course accessible for beginners, or the player that goes out five days a week.”

According to the club’s website the curse was established in 1972. The course offers three sets of tee boxes and plays between 2800 and 3100 yards depending on the tees a player chooses. The clubhouse is licensed with a fully serviced proshop, plus after your round or if you just need to relax a covered deck overlooks hole nine. Chabot said getting to 50 years is an accomplishment and that can be attributed to longtime community members.

“The fact that it’s been around for 50 years and still thriving today just shows the level of commitment from our senior members that have been around since the start. The people that were there before me showed an excellent commitment and it’s something we want to keep going,” he said.

The course has an entire day of activities lined up for Saturday to celebrate the milestone including a pancake breakfast, $10,000 hole in one chance for members, raffle draws, a bar-b-cue supper, and a karaoke night to wrap up the day. Chabot said the board’s goal is to get everyone together and celebrate the accomplishment of 50 years.

“It will be a nice, relaxed atmosphere and have some fun,” he said. “We’re hoping some longtime members are around and share a few stories and highlight some of the people that have been instrumental in the course. Men’s and ladies’ nights are always different so were hoping everyone comes out and talks about the special place we have.”

As for the next 50 years, Chabot said the plan is to continue to upkeep the course, make all experiences positive and “plug away and make sure we offer the best course we can to the members and public.”