Members of Parliament help celebrate National Golf Day

Photo courtesy Twitter/KevinThistle

The nation took the day on May 29 to celebrate the sport of golf.

Courses and clubs across Canada celebrated National Golf Day with events and promotions to advertise the game and its popularity. Members of Parliament in Ottawa heard from representatives of the PGA of Canada and Golf Canada plus provincial golf bodies. Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan MP Tom Lukiwski said golf provides many benefits to Canadians.

“It does great things economically, environmentally, and from a health aspect,” he said. “I will continue to do anything I can do to grow the game.”

Over 5.7 million people golf in Canada, that equals over 60 million rounds per year. 300,000 jobs are linked to the golf industry across the nation and the sport generates $14.3 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product annually. Health wise walking 18 holes equals a 5.6 kilometre run or an eight-kilometre walk. Up to 2,000 calories can be burned during a round of golf as well.

Lukiwski has competed in the national men’s amateur championship on three occasions in the 1980’s and continues to be involved in numerous roles from volunteering to administration. He said golf is a game that can be enjoyable for your entire life.

“It’s a sport you can play literally until you drop. There are very few sports, if any where a 90-year-old can still play, enjoy yourself and be competitive. With the handicapping system it doesn’t matter if you are a scratch or plus-2, you can play against a 20-handicap and still have a good game,” Lukiwski said.

The Moose Jaw resident said he appreciates the etiquette and honesty of the sport as well.

“Golf truly is pure, competitors are without a doubt the most honest of any athletes, we penalize and police ourselves when need be,” he said.

Lukiwski said he is looking forward to the CP Women’s Open in Regina on Aug. 20 to 26. He was a spectator at the event in Ottawa last year and the event was fascinating.

National Golf Day coincides with Adopt a School week, an initiative that gives kids a chance to pick up a golf club for many, the very first time.