Maple Leaf Junior Tour supports youth golf in Sask.

The Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour (MJT) is showing its support for young golfers in Saskatchewan with a financial contribution.

The nation’s largest junior circuit has donated $500 to the newly formed Saskatchewan Junior Golf sub-committee.  Trent Matson, the National Operations Director for the MJT said the organization is happy to support junior golfers in the province.

“The Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour is proud to sponsor the Saskatchewan Junior Golf (SJG) initiative. We have had great support over the years from both Golf Saskatchewan and the golfing families in the province and are proud to give back to this new grassroots development pathway,” Matson said.

The money will go towards expenses like transportation to golf events, golf clinics or camps, or other costs.

Rob Kozak is the SJG committee lead, he said the MJT’s support with the donation, but more importantly, years prior have been key in the development of junior golfers in the province.

“On behalf of Saskatchewan Junior Golf Committee, we would thank the Maple Leaf Junior Tour for their ‘Par’ sponsorship of $500. The MJT provides a safe, competitive and fun environment for junior golfers to test their skills in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Without them and all their volunteers junior golf in Saskatchewan would not be at where it is today,” Kozak stated.

The money will be held in an account accessible to all registered Saskatchewan Junior Golf members meanwhile individual fundraising is underway for kids in all areas of the province through Golf-A-Thon’s. The sub-committee has set up a website where individuals can raise their own funds to be used to develop their game. The players set up their own webpage and seek their own sponsorship that can be used to cover their costs this year and in the future.

For more details on the SJG visit the Golf Saskatchewan website.