Ladies “mystery golf day” chooses Humboldt Golf Club

For the last half decade Regina’s Shannon Scott has organized a ladies “mystery golf day” and this year almost 50 women from the Queen City traveled to Humboldt for the event.

Last year the group hopped on the bus at the Royal Regina Golf Club, where about 65 percent of the attendees play golf regularly, and went to Willow Bunch. Scott said playing a nine hole course last year opened more possibilities for the destination this year with several guessing Wynyard Golf Club would be the stop. Scott said no one guessed they were on their way to the Humboldt Golf Club (HGC).

“I had heard good things about Humboldt, and like I thought, no one would pick that,” she said. “It’s a course that they wouldn’t go with their group of ladies or their husbands because it’s not near a resort.”

The day started with a breakfast sandwich courtesy the Royal Regina, then some rain on route to Humboldt, but the weather cooperated perfectly. Scott said the Humboldt Co-op provided sandwiches that HGC General Manager Corey Schweitzer picked up, the ladies had hot dogs at the turn, were then treated with a catered meal from the Bella Vista Inn. Scott said having the day at smaller courses allows for extras such as that and a shotgun start for the players.

“That’s what I like about the smaller courses, they can. They can add the little extras that I like to do. The first question I ask is about a shotgun start, everyone was very accommodating,” she said.

The group has a fun gift exchange during the trip for anyone that wants to take part, plus they played a trivial pursuit style game on the bus to pass the time.

Scott has the course booked for next year already. She said the popularity of the day has exceeded her expectations.

“I didn’t know it would become this popular,” she said. “I had four people on the waitlist this year and two people last year.”

The group has had good luck in recent years with the weather and the travel plans. Scott added that she does get praise from the attendees for her efforts, but Scott is quick to pass the credit.

“This was my fifth year, everyone talks so highly, I said it’s not all about me doing it. When the weather is good, and the food is good, ditto,” she concluded.