Indoor options in Saskatchewan

Coming off a record season of golf in Saskatchewan many are wondering how they can keep their game up or even improve their skills while the province is blanketed with winter.

Thankfully the province has an abundance of indoor facilities with top-of-the-line simulators to cure what ails hardcore players who want to keep swinging the clubs. First Tee owner and PGA of Canada professional Garret McMillan has told Golf Saskatchewan in the past that playing all year has several benefits if you choose to take your game indoors.

“The winter time is the perfect time to making changes especially if you want to commit to making big pattern changes,” he said. “There’s really no consequence, if you shoot a high number inside it’s easier on the ego than inside. You can really develop a new pattern over the winter and not be overly concerned about the consequence side of it. If you develop your pattern properly over the winter by the time you get to the course you hopefully have new shots in the bag you can roll with.”

If you are interested in playing more indoor golf this winter, there are locations with varying numbers of simulators and brands in no particular order.

*Information on locations is from web sources, if any errors or misinformation on facilities Golf Saskatchewan apologizes and will make corrections. Email if updates need to be made or if we missed any indoor facilities.

Long-time golf journalist John Gordon wrote an article for Golf Canada detailing what simulators can do for you and your game.