Indoor option for Northeast Saskatchewan

Trevor and Becky Demmans are the owners of Game Day Simulators in Nipawin.

As the weather turns and the golf season ends in Saskatchewan players are seeking an indoor option to keep their game on track for the winter and now a new option is available in Nipawin.

Locals Trevor and Becky Demmans are the proud owners of Game Day Simulators. Trevor was a star for the Nipawin Hawks Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team before leaving for university and a lengthy professional career. He said when he was back in his hometown the family didn’t have a lot of entertainment options for their kids and he wanted to change that in the town.

“Growing up, birthday parties and stuff like that you look for stuff to do, there wasn’t much available in the hometown,” he told Golf Saskatchewan. “I just thought this would add an extra aspect where people don’t have to drive to do a family event like that.”

The two simulators Demmans purchased have over 30 course options for people to play. The number is lower than many golf simulators usually offer, but he found another enticing system.

“I stumbled on to this multi-sport simulator with the golf,” he explained. “You can do anything from hockey, football, baseball, dodgeball, shooting with guns, it’s a blast.”

The Demmans opened the facility in May of this year. The timing seems to not suit a business benefitting from Saskatchewan’s lengthy winters, but Trevor said the spring unveiling was part of their plan.

“The community has supported it awesome. We had a grand opening closest to the pin the other weekend, businesses supported it with prizes. Everyone is behind it, and we really appreciate everything the community has done for us,” Trevor said.

Nipawin is home to one of Saskatchewan’s top golf courses, the Evergreen Golf Course. The club closed for the season on Thanksgiving Monday. Trevor said with colder weather on the way, and the Evergreen shuttered for the season expansion is a possibility.

“We have two simulators for right now, but we have a growth opportunity to go to three if this winter is good. I fully expect it should be busy,” he said.

To learn more about Game Day Simulators visit their Facebook page or call 306.812.6336.