Holliston School benefits from Golf in Schools program

Holliston School students recently received some indoor golf equipment through the Golf in Schools program.

Saskatoon’s Holliston School is the latest facility to benefit from the Golf in Schools initiative.

The Golf Saskatchewan and Golf Canada program provides interested schools with indoor golf equipment giving students a chance to play the game, many for the first time. Holliston Grade 5 teacher Derrick Lee has been part of three donations of equipment over the years at Saskatoon schools he’s taught at. He said witnessing the student’s first foray into the sport is fun to watch.

“Many students have experience playing mini-golf but never the rush of swinging and striking a ball with greater speed and greater distance. The students who participate in Golf in Schools succeed because they must set and accomplish personal goals,” Lee said.

Lee grew up being involved with the game in his hometown of Foam Lake. He said many kids aren’t as fortunate to be able to be on the course, so the Golf in Schools program exposes more to the sport.

“The program allows students to experience the beginning step to become the next generation of golfers. The students who participate in the program quickly connect with golf because it is not in a team setting. Instructors tailor the program to each student and each student feels and sees success,” he said.

Lee hopes to see some expansion of the program down the road such as indoor golf tournaments among separate schools. He believes such an event could become a huge success.

If you are interested in bringing the Golf in Schools program to your facility contact Steve Ryde at 306.975.0834.