Hole-in-one report – July

Created by Golf Canada, the national amateur golf governing body, the ‘Hole-in-one Report’ takes a look inside the stories of the memorable shots that create moments that stand with players forever.

Congratulations to everyone who has joined, or added to the hole-in-one club!

Hanif Hemani – Saskatoon Golf & Country Club | Hole 15, PAR 3, 185 yards

“It was men’s night at SGCC, and hole 15 is a bear of a par 3. It also happened to be a closest to the pin hole. 

Unbeknownst to me, the sign for ‘KP’ was about one foot directly in front of the hole (on line with tee box). The group directly in front noticed this, and suggested “what if someone could have got a hole in one, but the KP sign obstructed in?”.. So they took the liberty to moving it the same length (1 foot), beside the hole…and sure enough I hit a clean 4 iron and it rolled in…likely on the path that the KP sign was obstructing… So.. good lesson for all…the team ahead was obviously also quite excited – by their foresight!”

Arnold Shaw – Holiday Park Golf Course | Hole 2, PAR 3, 105 yards

“I was playing with the Senior Golf Club and hit a wedge on the second hole. The ball bounced once and landed in the hole. I bought beer for my friends after the round.”

Glenn Hoffman – Murray Municipal Golf Course | Hole 7, PAR 3, 198 yards

“I was playing men’s night with my usual group of Mike Merk, Donny Mah, and Scott Manz. The wind was left to right at 30 kilometres an hour. I hit a 4 Hybrid, it landed about 6 feet in front of pin, one hoped and went in!”

Nancy Forrester – Elmwood Golf Course | Hole 2, PAR 3, 112 yards

“My husband Glenn and our friends Tom & Bernice Ross, were out golfing celebrating July 1 as we have often done. My tee shot, flew straight to the hole landed about 10 feet away and we all watched as it slowly tracked to the hole. This was my second hole in one as I previously had one on July 26, 2010 on the 8th hole at Elmwood, needless to say I was ecstatic! We golfed with this same couple a few years ago when Tom got a hole in one on our 8th hole.

It was a great day out with friends celebrating July 1, 2022!”