Hidden Hills of Shellbrook a bustling gem in north-central Sask.

Hidden Hills of Shellbrook, a nine-hole gen in north-central Saskatchewan has caught the eye of Golf Canada for the amazing year the club had in 2023.

According to data collected from the Golf Canada Score Centre, Hidden Hills had the most rounds recorded last year for nine-hole courses in Saskatchewan. Board President Brad Helm said the news that CEO Laurence Applebaum and the staff at the national organization were impressed with the numbers pushed through was a pleasant surprise.

“I guess the biggest thing, it makes me have some pride for our community and our club,” Helm told Golf Saskatchewan. “To see everybody enjoys coming out and playing and taking pride that we have a really nice course and enjoy coming out.”

Four nine-hole clubs in Saskatchewan posted over 20,000 rounds last season, Hidden Hills led the way with a whopping 26,845 posted. In 2022 that number was just over 20,000. Helm credited the entire Shellbrook and Prince Albert area for the course’s growth and traffic through out the season.

“We have pretty good local base of communities that come out and play this course. The locals like coming to hang out and use the course. I consider it in good shape, it’s a fun nine-hole course to come play,” he added.

Applebaum was impressed with the small town’s commitment to the game, and once hearing about the large number of rounds the national organization sent a Golf Canada gift package to the club. Golf Saskatchewan delivered the package on May 12.

Helm was appreciative of the notion that will likely be used as prizes for their numerous leagues or club events.

Not only was Shellbrook one of the busiest courses in the province the last couple years, but the increase in rounds has also been steady since the club recorded under 10,000 in 2017. Helm said work travels fast and the community is proud of what they have and the people that play the course.

“Other people hear, you know, come out and play Shellbrook,” Helm said. “I think that’s a wildfire, it just takes off and more people want to come out and try it. Then they decide to become members even. They will commute from Prince Albert or from different areas to be a member of this course. It’s kind of nice to see.”