Golf Saskatchewan offering SuperSpeed Golf training

For anyone looking to gain club head speed Golf Saskatchewan is putting on a speed clinic in partnership with SuperSpeed Golf.

The SuperSpeed equipment consists of three weighted sticks, two lighter than your driver and another that weighs more than a driver. Ryan Robillard, a PGA of Canada member, and the Canadian Sales Manager for SuperSpeed Golf said the key is getting your body to allow for faster swings, safely.

“The thing we’re trying to do is reprogram your neuromuscular reaction time,” he said. “What that means is that every player essentially has a governor in their body that allows how fast they swing. Our training and when we reduce the load or the weight of the club our training gets the body to move faster than it normally does and that process over time gets the body and brain to believe it can move faster than it currently can.”

Over 250,000 players around the world use SuperSpeed Golf training gear including 700 touring professionals worldwide.

Robillard added that when players are looking to improve their game the number one instinct is to improve equipment. He added that although better clubs will assist in improvement the swing remains the same.

“We believe the biggest opportunity for a player is let’s increase your club head speed and that’s what we are offering. In the most part what we’ve seen over getting a quarter-million users. We see the average player increases their club head speed by up to five percent in the first six weeks,” Robillard explained.

Registration for the six-week program is now open. For $399 you will get the training plus the three weighted sticks to keep. Robillard said their system isn’t reinventing the wheel or ground-breaking, other sports also use the training to improve.

“Overspeed training is very prominent in most rotational sports,” he explained. “Baseball pitchers, football quarterbacks, Olympic throwing events such as shotput or javelin, if we want o get something to move faster we need to reduce the load before we start to reintroduce the load and that’s what we feel we do at SuperSpeed Golf.”

Another benefit is training time, Robillard said training is about 15 minutes three times a week.

For more information on the clinic contact Golf Saskatchewan’s Steve Ryde at 306.290.4880. The deadline to register is Nov. 18. The fist session is Nov. 29 at the GolfDome in Saskatoon.