Golf Kenosee elevating golfer’s experiences

If you plan on visiting Kenosee Lake this year and taking in a round or two you will notice a fresh new look at Golf Kenosee’s proshop and the Club 19 restaurant.

Last year the clubhouse began a two-year cycle of upgrades downstairs in the proshop including new countertops, shelving, displays, desks, and fresh coats of paint. Manager Brent Lothian said it was time for a fresh look.

“There were just some things that weren’t very nice looking anymore and didn’t make a lot of sense,” Lothian said. “It’s unbelievable how the paint and a fresh look really spruces up the shop, the upgrades were needed simply due to time and wear and tear.”

Lothian was able to enjoy the upgraded workspace through a remarkably busy season a year ago and upstairs in the Club 19 restaurant their staff and patrons will be the benefactors of renovations this season and years into the future. Not only will the restaurant look fantastic, but traffic is going to be controlled better for a couple reasons.

“They gutted the bar and took everything out and redid that. The crews took the fireplace out and moved it, everything will be more open now and make communicating easier. With the fireplace moved people will be able to sit around the fire in nice chairs. It’s really exciting,” Lothian said.

The proshop does have a door on the basement level leading to the stock of carts and the first tee but visitors unfamiliar with the course commonly use the main door of the restaurant creating congestion. Golfers making the turn or heading out for their round stock up on snacks and refreshments at the side of the bar as well creating more of a log jam. Lothian said the club has come up with a plan to help alleviate the traffic.

“We’re going to put a concession trailer by the green on hole 10,” he explained. “It’s being designed now and will provide service to players on the course allowing them to not have to come back to the clubhouse. We’re looking forward to it.”

Another smaller investment is a large net at the end of the driving range. Lothian estimated the club lost $5,000 in range balls due to longer hitters.