Golf in the Alley popular in Rosthern

Golf in the Alley opened in Rosthern in October.

After a busy season of golf on the course the need for more indoor facilities was apparent across Saskatchewan.

In Rosthern, Li Han used the COVID-19 shutdown in March to undergo renovations at his bowling alley and install a golf simulator. Han, who hails from China has played on simulators for over a decade before moving to Canada and said he was familiar with the GolfZon brand and after extensive research his business was the first in Saskatchewan to use the brand.

“I played simulators over ten years and this is the same brand and equipment, so I knew this equipment very well,” he said.

Han had extra room at his bowling alley that has been in operation in the town for over 50 years and he saw a need for allowing residents a chance to play indoor golf closer to home. He said lots of work went into choosing a simulator.

“Before I made the decision I compared lots of simulator brands in Canada,” he said. “Compared to the price and other options GolfZon was the best option for my business.”

The simulator offers over 190 courses and was named Golf Digest Editor’s Choice award winner for best simulator in 2020. Han said the software includes over 150 courses in China, Japan, and South Korea but also has about 30 North American courses. He added that the reality on the play is what sets GolfZon apart from other simulator brands.

“In other facilities there timing gaps when you play, you hit the ball and you need to wait for the sensors to do their job. GolfZon is very quick and that is important. The other point is the environment, you can hear the birds chirp, the wind blow or when you play Pebble Beach you can hear the sea on the shore,” he said.

For more information on Golf in the Alley visit their website or find them on Facebook.