Golf Canada reminding amateurs of Rules

Golf Canada recently sent an email to members across the nation reminding amateur players of some key Rules.

A focus of the notice was prizing, gambling, and fundraising and how it effects your amateur playing status. Under the Rules of Golf amateur players can not play for prize money or prizes worth more than $1,000 in an amateur event.

You can see more details regarding the guidelines for prizing here.

When it comes to betting on a course the Rules are slightly relaxed. Provided the gambling is for enjoyment and not financial gain players that:

More guidelines on gambling can be seen here.

Amateur players can fund raise under the Rules of Golf, but there are limitations to that as well.

Funding can come from a family member or legal guardian. Other sources such as an individual or business can also assist an amateur if the amount is “reasonable.” Revenue from an outside source valuing more than $300 needs to be reported to your provincial golf organization.

More details on funding can be seen here.

With the new Rules of Golf introduced last year the R&A took the opportunity to utilize online training for people to receive Level 1 status. For anyone that has completed the first level and is looking to advance their knowledge dates are being set for seminars in 2020.

If you are interested in furthering your Rules knowledge contact Brian Lee at 306.975.0841 or email More details can be found here.