Gedak “Chase”s down college commitment

Estevan's Chase Gedak will attend school in Arkansas next year.

A self described “late-bloomer” Estevan’s Chase Gedak has developed his game at the right time allowing him to land a Div. II NCAA golf scholarship.

The TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club member will attend the University of Arkansas at Monticello starting next year. The 17-year-old grade 12 student at Estevan Comprehensive School student made the announcement on Instagram over the weekend. Despite a later start to competitive golf, the 2019 Saskatchewan boy’s high school champion said he’s been around the course thanks to his dad.

“The first I remember I would go to the practice hole with my dad when we were camping at Woodlawn,” Gedak said to Golf Saskatchewan. “We’d drive the cart over, and I’d have my set of four clubs, and I’d chip balls around the green and then ride around in the cart with my dad. I ended up getting a membership at the par-3 course here near Woodlawn as well. I didn’t get a membership at Woodlawn until grade 7 or 8 and never started playing tournaments until 14 or 15 so I got into it a little later than most, but I’ve been playing a lot over the past few years.”

Playing through his junior golf career, Gedak wasn’t eyeing a potential golf commitment, but with the season he had opportunities started to arise.

“Before this summer I really didn’t think I’d be going to the States,” he admitted. “I was expecting to go to the University of Saskatchewan and go up there with my friends and go to school there. After the summer I felt like it was a good opportunity. I played good, my game is moving in the right direction, with Arkansas coming forward I thought that was the opportunity to progress my game.”

It was just announced that Prince Albert’s TJ Baker would attend the same school. Gedak said he reached out to Baker and is excited to have a familiar face at the school.

“We had similar options, and both thought Arkansas was the best option. It’s going to be great having someone down there I know, it will make the transition a lot easier,” Gedak said.

Gedak will finish the school year and graduate in Estevan before playing his final year of junior golf with the hopes of winning a provincial title and representing Saskatchewan at nationals. He said several people have been key contributors to his success and the next step of his career.

“Amanda (Minchin) has been a great help at the golf course, and my dad, he’s been a great help. Whenever I want to go to tournaments he doesn’t ask questions, he gives me the Visa and says here you go. Whenever I need new equipment he doesn’t ask questions, he is there to support me all the time. My mom too, they are both great supporters of me,” he said.

Gedak plans to study business management with a career in golf in some avenue on the other side of his four years of university.