Focusing on Volunteerism – Terry Meier

Terry Meier has been involved with Golf Sask. since 1985.



Home Club
Royal Regina Golf Club

Handicap Factor/Index

Rounds per Year
60 to 70


Years with Golf Saskatchewan

Areas of Service
Board member (1985 to 1999), President (1993 and 1994), Level 4 Rules Official (1988 to 2007 – Official or Chair at over 60 provincial and national tournaments), Rules Chair (1989 to 1992 and 1999), Instructed Rules clinics, Course Rater/Team Leader (1997 to the present) Involved in the rating of about 75 courses.

Favorite Player
Rory McIlroy

Favorite Golf Quote
“Golf’s ugliest words: still your shot” – Dave Marr

How did you get involved with Golf Saskatchewan?
“Represented my club at a Saskatchewan Golf Association annual general meeting and made the mistake of opening my mouth at the meeting.”

What do you like about volunteering?
“My involvement with golf at both the provincial and national levels has been my number one hobby. It is enjoyable because of the number of people you meet and get to know by seeing them year after year at tournaments. Course rating is fun because of the great group of people on the rating teams and the many courses we get to play as part of the rating process.”

What would you say to others about volunteering, not only for Golf Saskatchewan but any organization?
“In rules and/or course rating you get out to see the province, play some different golf courses and have a lot of fun.”