Focus on volunteerism – Linda Kosokowsky

Linda Kosokowsky has been course rating for five years.

Home club – Wildwood Golf Course

Handicap – 15.1

Rounds per year – 50

Left/Right handed – Right

Favourite player – All Canadian players.

Favourite golf quote – “Shucks!” or “I did it!”

Years with Golf Saskatchewan – Five (Been a member of Golf Canada since 1986, played at Holiday Park with family then joined the ‘Executive 9’

Area(s) of service – Course rating with Golf Saskatchewan, Club Captain at home course.

How did you get involved with Golf Saskatchewan? I like to know the Rules of Golf and the process towards them.

What do you like about volunteering? The absolute best year end wind up!

What would you say to others about volunteering, not only for Golf Saskatchewan but any organization? Welcome to the team.