Focus on Volunteerism – Ken Bradley

Ken Bradley has been a course rater for nearly two decades.

Moose Jaw

Home club:

Handicap Factor/Index:


Rounds per year:
“About 125 a year.”

Favourites player:
“My favorite golfer is Fred Couples for his great smooth swing and calm attitude on the course. I followed the careers of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods for their huge achievements in the game.”

Favourite golf quotes:
“The best quotes (30 plus) come from a book by Dr. Bob Rotella called “Golf is not a Game of Perfect“. He has counseled many professional players. This book has been my golf bible.”

Years with Golf Saskatchewan:

Area(s) of Service:
Course rating

How did you get involved with Golf Saskatchewan?
“I began in 1998 attending the annual general meeting as Hillcrest Club Captain and met several people who were involved as volunteers. I was invited to join the course rating group the following year.”

What do you like about volunteering?
“I found the job of course rating to be fun and challenging. It also expanded my circle of friends in golf. Volunteering has been my way of giving back to the game that has been a large part of my sporting life.”