Focus on volunteerism – Eileen Wagar

Eileen Wagar has been involved with Golf Sask. for 14 years.

Home club – Nipawin’s Evergreen Golf Course

Handicap – Was 20.

Rounds per year – I haven’t played for three years. I used to play about 25.

Right/Left handed – Right-handed.

Years with Golf Saskatchewan – I started in 2006.

Area(s) of Service – Rules official.

Favourite player – Brooke Henderson.

Favourite golf quote – “Achievements on the course are not what matters. Honesty and decency does.”

How did you become involved? A friend was attending a seminar and invited me along.

Why do you enjoy volunteering? I enjoy helping players, renewing friendships, and keeping the competitions fair.

What advice would you have for anyone thinking about volunteering for Golf Saskatchewan or any organization? If you have the time to spare and the health to do it, you will find that volunteering and helping people is very rewarding.  Golf volunteers are treated very well and the network of volunteers for any organization are there because they want to be. You will make life long friends with these people.