Focus on volunteerism – Dale Johnson

Dale Johnson has been involved with Golf Saskatchewan for over 10 years.

Home club – I have been a member of Riverside Golf & Country Club for 20 years.

Handicap/Index – I have been able to maintain my handicap at around 8.

Rounds per year – I play about 60 rounds a year.

Favourite player – My wife Sharon and Sergio Garcia

Favourite golf quote – “I’m as surprised as you are!”

Years with Golf Saskatchewan – 12

Area(s) of service – Course rating, Referee, Handicap Committee and instructor.

How did you get involved with Golf Saskatchewan? I got started with Golf Saskatchewan when a friend of mine was doing course rating and he suggested that I would like to do that as well. I have always enjoyed organizing golf events, and being a Course rater, being a rules official, and being the Handicap chairman at our golf club. It has allowed me to be more involved in all aspects of golf.

What do you like about volunteering? It is very rewarding to me to help Golf Saskatchewan and our golf club with rating, rules and handicapping. I also get to associate with other like-minded golfers from around the province.

What would you say to others about volunteering, not only for Golf Saskatchewan but any organization? I would recommend to anyone who is interested in becoming more educated about golf to volunteer in any of these areas with Golf Saskatchewan.