Focus on Volunteerism – Bill Briscoe

Bill Briscoe is a familiar face on the provincial championship circuit.


Home Club:
Moon Lake Golf & Country Club

Handicap Factor/Index:

Rounds per year:

“Left-handed – but golf right”

Years with Golf Saskatchewan:
20 years – (1991 – 1999; 2008 – 2020)

Areas of Service:
Board Member/Junior Golf Program/Rules Official from 1991 – 1999; Rules Official from 2008 – 2020

Favourite Player:
My wife Marilyn

Favourite Quote:
“Anyone see where that ball went?”

How did you get involved with Golf Saskatchewan?
“I was recommended/sponsored by a former board member from Prince Albert who was stepping down in 1991.”

What do you like about volunteering? 
“The opportunity and experience of working with others in a teamwork environment who have similar interests to attain a common goal.”

What would you say about volunteering, not only for Golf Saskatchewan but any organization to someone on the fence? 
“Volunteers are the ‘core’ of any organization to strive and grow. Someone donated their time and energy before you and volunteered so that you could participate and enjoy the sport or activity that you enjoy.   Pay it forward – If not you – then who?”