Danberg joins Wascana Country Club in GM role

Long-time PGA Professional Ryan Danberg has taken over the role of general manager at Wascana Country Club (WCC) in Regina.

The club made the hiring announcement on their Facebook page on March 1 that Danberg would take over for Eric Thorsteinson. With over 25 years experience as PGA of Canada Professional, Danberg spent the last decade at Elk Ridge Resort and said the WCC is full of potential.

“The club has come a long ways in the last three years and I am excited to come in and work with the existing team and really get it to it’s full potential,” he told Golf Saskatchewan. “There’s lots of deep history here and obviously strong players.”

Aside from his lead roles at three golf clubs in Danberg’s career he also spent five years as the manager for the city of Melfort. He also served as president of the PGA of Saskatchewan in 2012-13 and in 2023 was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Award of Saskatchewan for his work in municipality management and the PGA.

In the last few years the WCC has expanded beyond golf to service their membership with “signature events” such as a concert series, plus other winter activities when golf is unplayable. Danberg said he wants to use his experience to elevate all aspects of the club alongside golf.

“With my resort background and coming in here expanding the offering of the country club to be a year-round facility is something that has been very welcomed in the past by the membership and I think we’re looking to expand that even more. It’s very nice to say that in a country club setting it is a pretty memorable unique experience out here right now, even at this time of year,” he said.