Coaching seminar well attended

Regional golf leaders attended a coaching seminar with the hopes of growing the game.

Almost 20 coaches from across Saskatchewan took part in the event at the Willows in Saskatoon on April 28. The seminar was led by long-time PGA Canada facilitator Doug Hastie. Hastie started his golf career at 13 years-old at the National Golf Course in Toronto. He currently resides in Victoria, B.C. He said the response for the clinic was excellent to see.

“Most of these people are from small towns and don’t have PGA professionals around or if they do they are in and out,” Hastie said. “They are trying to get junior programs running at their golf courses, that is what this seminar was meant for. It was really good to see everyone out.”

Hastie was filling in for this session. He has been a golf instructor on a full-time basis for seven years and conducts seminars across Western Canada. Hastie said growing the game is an important part of his career.

“I’ve always been a teacher at heart, I love education in any form. To be able to help people play better golf, have more fun, and you develop relationships. I love that part about it,” he said.

Hastie said the attendees are the type of leaders the game needs to continue to grow the game.

“It usually takes one or two people with some time and real good energy to get a junior program going. That is what this whole program is about,” he said.

Aside from learning coaching techniques and strategies there are other benefits to taking the day-long course. Golf clubs that have representation at the seminar are eligible for liability and insurance options and other benefits from Golf Saskatchewan and Golf Canada.