Brown wins her third straight Ladies Northerns

Ladies Northern senior winner Ann Kirkland (left) and overall winner Kim Brown pose with their plaques at the Cooke Municipal Golf Course on Sunday. Photo courtesy Jeff D'Andrea/paNOW

The Kim Brown dynasty continues at the Ladies Northern golf championship. She picked up her third straight title at Cooke Municipal Golf Course on Saturday and Sunday and beat the field by a whopping 14 strokes.

The streak may have been even longer, but she had her son four years ago and had to skip out on the tournament that year.

“It’s been a good run since,” Saskatoon’s Brown laughed, who grew up playing and working at Cooke as a youngster. “I think it’s just the first tournament of the year and I’m always looking forward to getting out and playing. When you haven’t been out on the golf course, you just want to go out and have fun.

“I think that helps you play your best. You’re enjoying the people, the company, the course. You’re just glad to be out playing again.”

As far as the course is concerned, Cooke is going through some renovations and repairs to the irrigation system. The tournament was still able to run a full 18-holes, just two weeks after the May Day Masters tournament was restricted to 16-holes.

“It was fantastic, the course is in excellent shape. I rarely remember a year when it was in this good of shape,” Brown said. “With all the construction, they did a great job in maneuvering us around the construction and still giving us 18 holes to play so kudos to the grounds crew and the club for making that work. The construction didn’t really have a big impact, it was really well done.”

Ann Kirkland won her second straight Senior Ladies Championship. Not only that, but she was also in a three-way tie for second place overall along with Pauline McDougall and Abra Thompson.

Here are all the prize winners in each of the six flights.

Championship Flight

  1. Kim Brown, 152
  2. Ann Kirkland (senior’s winner), Pauline McDougall and Abra Thompson, 166

First Flight

  1. Dianna Sutton and Andrea Ring, 175
  2. Dawn MacAuley and Charene Kozak, 177

Second Flight

  1. Maureen Bowerman, 180
  2. Shelley Ruecker and Del Soulier, 184
  3. Carol Spanks and Lorna Gilbert, 190

Third Flight

  1. Donna Morin, 191
  2. Debbie Krawchuk, 196
  3. Donna Dyck and Deb Thierman, 198

Fourth Flight

  1. Joyce Bowers, 208
  2. Gill Gracie, 220

Fifth Flight

  1. Sandra Isbister, 220
  2. Ollie Kelly, 226
  3. Terry Krzak, 230


This article is courtesy sports editor Jeff D’Andrea in Prince Albert.