Blind Sports Association brings back weekend with Golf Saskatchewan

After a couple years of being cancelled due to COVID-19, Golf Saskatchewan was able spend the weekend with a group of golfers from the province’s Blind Sports Association.

For a couple hours each day on March 19 and 20, six golfer and spotters with varying degrees of sight ability worked with PGA of Canada Professional Steve Ryde at the Ramada Golf Dome in Saskatoon. Judy Ursulan has been partaking in golf sessions since the Golf Dome’s opening and helps to organize the event each year. She said being able to have the event again was fantastic.

“It was nice to be able to go to the Golf Dome again after a couple years. The lessons with Steve are a big highlight for everyone of us that come,” she said.

Ursulan said many of the participants have commented to her on how the tips have already paid off and the group is excited to play outdoors when the snow melts. She humbly joked about hitting tee shots to wall of the Dome after the four hours of tutelage.

“Steve is so gentle, he just watches, let’s everyone do their thing and then offers wonder tips and guidance. There’s lots to think about and it can be too much, but he spends the right amount of time with each,” Ursulan said.

More importantly she said just seeing the smiling faces again and excitement was the highlight.

“We didn’t wear masks because no one else was, there was lots of smiles and some are already asking when we’re having this next year,” she said.

Ryde relayed the enjoyment level and was impressed with the skill and focus of the golfers.

“We take it for granted being able to walk up to a ball and hit it, no matter the skill level, to see players, with limited eye sight, focus, take instruction, and ultimately find the love in our game that we all have, that’s quite something. It’s amazing,” he said.