adidas Golf Canada adjusts to retail changes; introduces spikeless Code Chaos

adidas Golf Canada has had to alternate their approach to selling products during COVID-19 but Territory Manager Paige Lawrence is looking forward to another season.

Based in Moose Jaw, Lawrence also covers Manitoba making her season a little tougher to navigate during the pandemic. She admits there was some questions heading into year and getting courses prepared ahead of proshops and stores opening, but the brand is working through the pandemic.

“This year obviously looks quite a bit different,” Lawrence told Golf Saskatchewan. “Stuff is slowly coming together. I think every course is a little different to depending on where they’re located. Like I said, we’re working together to come up with a plan and hope we can make a successful year with something that might have been a step back to begin with.”

Proshops were able to open with restrictions in Phase 2 of the “Re-Open Saskatchewan plan on May 19. That includes golf shops such as Golf Town.

“It was crazy, it all happened pretty quick,” Lawrence added. “We could kind of see the writing on the wall, but middle of March the world looks a lot different. At the beginning we were finding everything is changing so quick so we’re trying to come up with our best model of business to help our proshops out. Now we’re hitting our stride and we’re understanding what the proshops our needing, what our customers are needing, we want them to have the most successful year they can.”

New for 2020

A new spikeless shoe termed Code Chaos by the global brand headlines their 2020 golf footwear line.

Lawrence said the company expanded from their comfort zone with the design but produced a fantastic product.

“It’s a great performance piece,” she said. “We have a mid-cut boa that is a little bit younger trending. That doesn’t mean you have to be young to wear it, but it’s different looking shoe so I think it took some people by surprise. Being a footwear company we’re looking to push the envelope a little bit and see how comfortable the golf industry is with trying some new stuff out.”

“If you’ve ever had an adidas runner ever in your life you know what you are getting into. We keep growing and we keep new trying stuff, but they’re pretty tried and true,” Lawrence added.

Lawrence said the adidas staff is continuing to work from home. She mentioned they could expand travel and in-person visits but for now home is still their bases and safety of their clients, customers, and themselves is top priority.

Lawrence joined Golf Saskatchewan via Zoom earlier this week.