5 ways to support the Saskatchewan golf industry during COVID-19

The golf season in Saskatchewan officially opens for business on May 15 as part of phase 1 of the Re-Open Saskatchewan action plan.  Under the plan, golf courses and facilities may open under special operating guidelines such as requiring all golfers and staff to maintain physical distancing and by restricting food and beverage operations to delivery, take-out and curbside pick-up.

As the season slowly starts to open, there are several ways golfers can support their favorite golf course while still adhering to the province’s social distancing rules and health regulations.

  1. Go out and play:
    This goes without saying!  In addition to the Rules and Guidelines mandated by the government for safe golf operations, many golf course operators and facilities have adopted additional Safety Best Practices to make golf safe for staff and the golfing public. So please book a tee-time or sign up for a membership and enjoy all the physical and mental benefits, golf has to offer.
  2. Buy a gift card:
    Consider purchasing a gift card for a family member, friend or even for yourself. Most public golf courses offer gift cards or pre-paid multi-game packs available by calling or emailing the pro shop. This may make a great gift for a special someone in your life or to just say thank you to someone.
  3. Order take out:
    Under current operating restrictions, golf course restaurants may offer service so long as the food and beverages sold are provided via take-out, delivery services or curb side pick-up.
    Facilities have had to closed their clubhouse dining and patio services, some are or will try to get creative. If you are tired of cooking at home or ordering food from a restaurant food chain, please call your favourite course or supporting your home club and place an order today!
  4. Support your golf professional(s):
    The golf courses themselves aren’t the only ones suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many golf professionals make a significant portion of their living off equipment and merchandise sales or lessons. Please consider contacting your local PGA of Saskatchewan professional and buy a lesson or two for now or a later date. But paying for it now will give you something to look forward to and put some much-needed revenue into the pockets of those who earn a living during the already short Saskatchewan golf season.
    Do you have your eyes set on some new golf gear or new clubs? Again, contact your local pro or favourite club and find out what services they are providing. Some pro-shops may offer curbside pick-up or deliver to a destination of your choice.
  5. Be a responsible golfer:
    The industry has implemented several safety best practices to ensure golfers can safely enjoy a round during the current state of public health. With the industry doing its part, the golfer also has a responsibility to observe and strictly follow the rules that have been mandated for safe golf operations. Failure to do so not only jeopardizes the health and safety of golf course staff and fellow golfers but may also result in fines, penalties and the chance your favourite course or home club could be shut down! Please do the right thing.

When you do play, please do your part to keep golf safe buy adopting the following the illustrated best practices.