2022 Easter Camp proves successful

2022 Easter Camp proves successful

Golf Saskatchewan was able to bring their Easter Camp program back this year after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

The weather forced the event inside, but eight junior golfers enjoyed the two days at both the Golf Dome and Golf YXE in Saskatoon.

Erin was one of the attendees, she was asked what she liked about the camp.

“One thing I enjoyed about the camp was that it wasn’t all focused on one area. I got to learn about different parts of my swing on my different clubs. I also enjoyed that we also talked about strategies, mental game, snacks, warm up, etc. Since there were two instructors, I got different views and opinions on how to improve. Lastly, I really enjoyed the part where I got to see how far each of my clubs would go which will be great reference on the course.” 

Chloe took part as well, she said she saw an improvement in her game quite quickly.

“I think my shots improved after the swing analysis. After I put my feet closer together and straightened my knees a little more, I found I was hitting the ball better.”

The camp focused on more than fundamentals including nutrition and the mental side of the game. Natalie said learning more about just your swing was a nice surprise.

“The homemade snacks were great, as well as the nutrition feedback on how to eat on the course and what to eat to have a balanced meal, conserve energy, and stay energized. I also enjoyed the professional yardage books that were shown by Anna Young as it will help me to create my own for my local course.”

Photos from the camp can be seen here.