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Thank you for clicking the Volunteer with Golf Saskatchewan link. In this section we hope to provide you with insightful information about some of our programs and services. We hope you find it informative and if you have any questions, please let us know.

If you are interested to volunteer with Golf Saskatchewan, do not hesitate to contact our office to get started today!

Without Volunteers, Golf Saskatchewan cannot deliver our programs and member services. 
Please get involved today. 
"Love the Game.  Grow the Game." ~ Golf Canada

Volunteers have access to training opportunities, are reimbursed for costs incurred while volunteering and are invited to the yearly Volunteer Appreciation Day which usually takes place in September every year. There are several ways to become involved with Golf Saskatchewan as a volunteer.

Board Members

Golf Saskatchewan has volunteer positions available with the executive board, standing committees, programming committees, and operational committees. Board of Directors meet no less three times per year - no less than two Board meetings and one General meeting per year. If you are or know someone who is interested in becoming a Director, please read the Director Nomination Information and fill out the Nomination Form.

  • For the 2018 Golf Saskatchewan AGM (Saturday, April 28 at the Willows GCC) there are 3, 3-year term and 1, 1-year term positions available
  • Please click on the following forms if you are interested:

Course Raters

A course rater with Golf Saskatchewan travels to various courses with a team of other course raters and rate a course in order to measure and rate the relative difficulty of the golf course so that a player's handicap is accurate and transportable from golf course to golf course. Course rates are expected to attend a Course Rating seminar each year and stay current on the Golf Canada Course Rating System. Course raters can expect to rate between two and four courses per season.

Tournament Rules Officials

Tournament Rules Officials make minor rule interpretations at official Golf Saskatchewan Championships and other events as required. Tournament Rules Officials are expected a Golf Canada Rules Official course and become certified with one of the levels of certification. Tournament Rules Officials can expect to over see one to two tournaments per season.

Tournament Administration Volunteers

Golf Saskatchewan can always benefit from individuals willing to contribute their time to the delivery of tournaments and provincial championships. Tournament administration volunteers will be tasked with duties that include general operations, set up and take down, media (such as taking pictures and posting updates to the website), starting, pace of play, and scoring and results.