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Golf Saskatchewan Handicap Workshops in 2017

Golf Saskatchewan have announced two Handicap Workshops in 2017.  Each member club must have a certified Handicap Chairperson by the end of 2016 (or within the 4 year manual cycle) as per the agreement with the United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap Agreement.  The details of the 2017 Handicap Workshops are as follows:


Date Time Location Community Instructors
May 27
10 AM- 1:30 PM 

Golf SK Office Building
JVR Building
510 Cynthia St. 
Ring buzzer at back door Room 122/123
The door faces Glenwood RV

Register here
 Brian Lee

Sunday May 28

10:00 AM until 1:30 PM Tentative location is at the 
Royal Regina GC (TBC in 2017)

Register here

 Brian Lee

The Handicap Workshops are open to all Handicap Chairpersons plus anyone interested from a Golf Saskatchewan member clubs. 

To register for the Handicap Workshops please fill out the registration form.

Please bring your club's Golf Canada Handicap System Manual to the workshop.

Golf Clubs to Re-Sign Golf Canada Member Club Licensing Agreement in 2017

List of Clubs who need to Re-Sign Golf Canada Member Club Licensing Agreement in 2017

Re-Sign Agreement HERE

Golf Saskatchewan Member Clubs who need to Renew Handicap Certification
Clubs who successfully received certification for the Handicap workshop in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 are not required to recertify.