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2018 SAGE Scholarship Information

Golf Saskatchewan annually awards a number of Scholarships to deserving student candidates who have made major accomplishments in academics, including golf, in Saskatchewan. The Scholarships are named for individuals who have made significant contributions to amateur golf in the province.

Golf Saskatchewan also works with Golf Canada to assist young golfers who wish to apply for national scholarships and bursaries through the Golf Canada Foundation.

To apply for the scholarships that are available in 2018, please click on the link below:

SAGE Scholarships

Golf Saskatchewan annually presents up to post-secondary Saskatchewan Academic and Golf Excellence (SAGE) scholarships, and two high school bursaries, to deserving golfers.

The scholarships are:

  • Graham DeLaet Scholarship value of $1,500 (two scholarships)
  • Golf Saskatchewan Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Ron Young Memorial Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Fred Fletcher - Ben/Bob Reid Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Jack Leddy - Jack Heywood Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Hubert S. Cooke - William S. Kinnear Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Alex "Kozy" Kozakavich Scholarship of value $1,000
  • Bill Gordon Memorial Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Meredith MacPherson-Stalwick Memorial Scholarship value of $1,000
  • Garry Hayes Memorial Scholarship (value determined annually)
  • Golf Saskatchewan High School Bursaries (two bursaries) (value to be determined annually)

In the event deserving candidates are not available, the selection committee may forgo awarding one or more of the scholarships.  The scholarships are intended to assist members of Golf Saskatchewan affiliated golf clubs in their pursuit of high school and post-secondary education.

Selection Criteria

A scholarship will be awarded by the Golf SK Scholarship Committee to those applicants judged most deserving based on:

  • Being a member of Golf Saskatchewan/Golf Canada,
  • Most of the application weighting based on the applicants current year academic record (minimum grade point average)
  • A small weighting is based on: 
    • the applicant competing at the previous years' Provincial Championship,
    • the Golf SK Order of Merit Tour standings,
    • future plans in academics and/or golf, and
    • a paragraph/letter outlining why the applicant should be considered.

Note: extenuating circumstances may result in the committee choosing an applicant who may not meet all the criteria.   

Application Deadline
Applications must be completed in full and received in the Golf Saskatchewan office by 12:00 PM, May 5th, of the application year.  Late or incomplete applications will be rejected. Scholarship recipients will be announced by May 31st, of the application year.

* Note: should an individual not attend a University/College in the application year, she/he will forfeit the scholarship. A forfeited scholarship will not be awarded to another applicant in the same fiscal year.

The Pat Fletcher Golf Foundation Scholarships

The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation is a charitable organization that grants post-secondary scholarships to deserving young Canadians who show an ability as golfers. And while the Foundation focuses its efforts on reaching out to young people with an interest and ability in golf, the Foundation does not exist to only empower young golfers to become better golfers. The Foundation exists to empower young golfers to become better people – champions of their generation.

By awarding scholarships to deserving young Canadians, our mission is to give young people the education they need to embrace their future with knowledge, ambition and leadership. In helping them to obtain a university degree, we are giving them the tools they need to use the life lessons they learned through golf to make a difference in the world around them.

Since the foundation’s inception in 1985, we have awarded 393 scholarships to young Canadian golfers, helping them to reach their highest potential, not only in golf, but in life.  And, with the help of friends and supporters such as you, we look forward to building on that number. We encourage you to visit our website at www.patfletcher.com to learn more about the history of the Foundation and our programs.

You will find attached an advertisement we have put together to build awareness of our Foundation and its scholarships.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us by uploading this pdf onto your website; using it through your social media; or simply by sending it directly to young golfers whom you feel could benefit from such a scholarship. 

The scholarship application form is available online on our website.  The deadline for applications is May 31, 2016 and scholarships will be awarded by August 1, 2016. 

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in Making a Difference.  Should you require any further details or additional brochures, please do not hesitate to contact me Nancy Erickson at patfletcherfoundation@gmail.com.

Once your application is completed, please mail or fax your application to:

Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation
6900 aut. Transcanadienne
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
H9R 1C2
Tel (514) 738-3486 ext 2209
Fax (514) 333-4463

Golf Canada Foundation - Scholarships

The Golf Canada Foundation (formerly known as the Royal Canadian Golf Association Foundation and the Canadian Golf Foundation) encourages the athletic and academic careers of promising Canadian golfers and students of the industry by offering financial assistance through scholarships and awards.  The Golf Canada Foundation's mandate is to raise and grant funds for the advancement of golf in Canada.

The Golf Canada Foundation is the fundraising and granting body for golf in Canada and actively supports Canadian student golfers and the development of Canadian university golf programs through our fundraising campaigns.

Scholarship applications are available from the Golf Canada website or the Golf Saskatchewan office.