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What is Golf Saskatchewan's Hole-In-One Club?

The odds of getting a hole in one for the average golfer is more than 8,000 to 1.

If you are a member of a Golf Saskatchewan Member Club or the Golf Saskatchewan Public Players Club, you are eligible to register your hole-in-one with the Golf Saskatchewan Hole-in-One Club!

Simply fill out the registration form. The hole-in-one will be displayed here on our website and the hole-in-one recipient will receive a letter of congratulations and a commemorative pin. 

If you would like more information please email Candace Dunham. 

Congratulations to the following individuals who have captured lightning in a bottle in 2017:

  1. Dave Shepherd, January 25, Waikaloa Beach Course (Hawaii), Hole 8, Par 3, Yards 163
  2. Shirley Naconechny, February 25, Greenfield Lakes Golf Course (Arizona), Hole 4, Par 3, Yards 87
  3. Don Tomkinson, April 28, Murray Golf Course, Hole 10, Par 3, Yards 145 
  4. Darren Stoll, April 29, Regina Tor Hill, Hole 7, Par 3, Yards 130 
  5. Robert Turnbull, May 7, Lynbrook Golf Club, Hole 5, Par 3, Yards 118
  6. Brian Sansom, May 7, Holiday Park Golf Course, Hole 8, Par 3, Yards 177
  7. Dennis McLean, May 11, Murray Golf Course, Hole 9, Par 3, Yards 164
  8. Gerry Zado, May 20, Holiday Park Golf Course, Hole 13, Par 3, Yards 100

Here are the Hole-In-One Club Members by year (PDF):

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